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Storm Of Attraction

Storm Of AttractionStorm of Attraction (Willowdale, #1) by Lily Black
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Disclosure:  I received a free digital copy of Storm of Attraction from Net Galley in exchange for my unbiased review.


Arora Teagarden has just been replaced as my favorite kick butt librarian character.  The female lead in Storm Of Attraction is Alexa Wolving and I love her!  During the day she is a small town librarian, while on nights & weekends she is a black belt instructor at the local dojo.  Who wouldn’t love a sassy black belt librarian?  There are so many categories this book will fit into: romance, suspense, second chances, martial arts, librarian, small town, quirky cats, cops, and Army Rangers.

The best way I can fit it into one genre would be as a second chance romance.  A guy she dated for a summer in college has come back to town.  Not only has he come back to town but he is opening a MMA school which Alexa sees as competition for her dojo.  Without giving any spoilers I can tell you things are going to end where you want them to.  The catalyst for getting Alexa & Drew back together is a stalker who has gone off the deep end.  I am not going to lie the stalker does some things that I just don’t like – but that is the point of the bad guy right?

I love Alexa and Drew’s backstories.  Drew’s goes back three generations; it talks about his time as an Army Ranger, a military brat, and the grandson of a college Dean.  Alexa’s doesn’t go back as far, there is no mention of her family at all.  Instead her story revolves around one crucial moment when she was in college getting her Master’s Degree and how it has shaped her life since.

This is the first novel by Lily Black.  I am completely impressed with her.  Lately I wait to look up the books I find on NetGalley until after I read them so I don’t form opinions on the author or book before I finish reading it.  Honestly, I thought Ms. Black would have had several other books out.  The flow of this one is quick and steady, there is none of the fumbling that you expect from a first novel.  I started following her on GoodReads so I will know when she publishes again.  Since this is listed as Book 1 in the Willowdale Series I know there is going to be more!


My Rating – 5 Stars

Warnings:  This book contains an aggressive stalker, mentions domestic violence, and arson – if these bother you please read a different book.


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