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Terrible Housewife, Awesome Mother, & Introverted Nerd

Plucky Polly Award – Sandra Yanira

Plucky Polly Award – Sandra Yanira

For the first Plucky Polly Award I want to recognize a woman who is literally laughing at people who are trying to make fun of her online.  Sandra Yanira is the first female meteorologist in El Salvador.  She is awesome for so many reasons: she spent time in the States working as a meteorologist, she specialized in several areas that I could not even pretend to understand, she is a mother (so you know she did at least half of this while wiping noses and scrubbing butts), and she is 60.  Yep at the age of 60 she is taking on a new dimension in her career – weather forecasts on TV.

Personally I think any one who spends decades developing their skills deserves respect.  There are trolls on the internet all over the world, and one of them created a meme that compared her to a few other ‘weather presenters’.  Now I say ‘weather presenters’ because not everyone who presents the weather on a news program is an accredited meteorologist.  Some are hired solely because they are nice to look at and will give the weather forecast in a bikini.  I am not saying there is anything wrong with this.  Everyone needs a job, and if your a lucky lady who gets to present the weather in a bikini, well then good for you.  I won’t begrudge you that job.  Why?  Because I like to bake and eat cookies way to much to have to stay bikini ready 24/7.

The thing that cements Sandra Yanira as a Plucky Polly is the way she responded to the anonymous internet trolls who created the meme.  She posted this response on her Facebook page (I am using the translated version from Vivala):

“I’m sharing the first meme of me that’s been going around social media.  I find it funny and can’t stop laughing… a lot.  When I was younger I was good looking too, and when they’re 60 years old I hope they’ll look just as good as me, and proud of it. For your information: I have spent 20 years building my career at the United States Department of Commerce.  I’m an accredited senior meteorologist, with specialization in aeronautics, hydro-meteorology, and marine weather forecasting.  And now I do weather forecasts.  BUT THANKS FOR MY FIRST MEME, I LIKE IT ALOT.  HAHAHAHAHAHA!”


I love this lady.  I don’t think I could have responded with such grace and humor, but she just laughed it off and kept doing what she does.








If your kids are interested in the weather and what it takes to become a meteorologist there are several places you can go online that they can learn more on both weather and becoming a meteorologist.


Science for Kids – This is one of my favorite websites so far for showing my daughter different science related things.  They have all kinds of things – videos, lessons, projects, quizzes and some games all relating to different types of sciences (Animals, Chemistry, Space, Weather etc).  They have a whole section on weather that your kid will love exploring.


WeatherWizKids – This is a site that is just for kids and weather.  It is set up for older kids to easily navigate with all the topics on the left sidebar.  It covers everything from weather safety, jokes, flash cards, and has a category for all the major weather events.


National Geographic Kids – If your kids are loving all they are learning about why it rains then you could make your own weather station at home!  This is their link on everything you will need to start predicting weather from your own back yard.




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