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Pixie’s Adventure

Pixie’s Adventure
Pixie’s AdventurePixie's Adventure by Jenna Grodzicki

I love this sweet little book!  Pixie’s Adventure is about a kitten’s sneaky adventure into the backyard.  More importantly my daughter loves it.  She tries to tell Pixie “Don’t be sneaky!”, “You’re a bad kitty for running away.” And “Run home little kitty!”

The story is about a house cat who has a loving family who give her treats and tummy rubs.  Pixie however wants to know what it feels like to be a butterfly that lives outside and gets to go on whatever adventure it wants to.  Pixie sneaks out of the house, and enjoys playing in the yard until a thunderstorm comes and traps her under her bush.  When her family realizes she is missing they open the door and call for her.  She runs inside and is given cuddles and milk.  She is perfectly happy sitting on her pillow looking out the window until a rainbow appears, then she wants to go on another adventure.

 This is the first kids book by Mrs. Grodzicki.  She was an elementary school teacher, and is now a K-5 library media specialist.  I think it shows in her writing, in the way she adds the sounds in the writing, and writes about the curiosity a kitten has which could easily be a kid’s curiosity. 


My Rating: 5 Stars

Any kid will love it. 


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