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Disclosure:  I received six months of free service in exchange for my unbiased review.  There are no affiliate links in this post.

When it comes to my daughter’s screen time I am pretty flexible.  We watch a few cartoons on Disney Jr and PBS, and she gets to play on several toddler apps for an hour everyday.  I have tried almost 20 different apps over the last few years.  To me it seems like they are centered around one type of thing, for example a matching game or a story app.  I am sure many of you get frustrated with the number of apps you have to keep on your devices to keep your kids entertained.  This one has replaced most of them for us. 

KidloLand is the best toddler app I have tried in the last two years.  Why?  It has 25 categories (over 1000 activities) my daughter can choose from, with no logging in or profiles to deal with.  She just turns it on and starts playing.  There are categories for everything!  The categories my daughter loves the most so far are Tracing (letters, numbers and shapes), Stories (it will read to them or just show the words), and the Playlist (25 different playlists to choose from).

As a parent, there are several reasons why I want to tell you about this app:

1.       We have been playing with it for two weeks and have not found one single negatively themed story, game, or song.  On other apps, I have found some content where they presented things in a negative way which really bothers me.

2.      There are no profiles.  You just turn the app on and start playing.  I think this is a great feature if you have more than one child that is going to use your device.  No more moderating disputes because Sally spent all the tickets that Jimmy has been saving to spend on his profile.

3.      There are no levels in the games.  They will keep going until your child returns to the home menu.  This is awesome because your child can keep playing without losing interest due to interrupted play.

4.      There are no commercial characters.  If you are trying to keep your kids away from cartoon characters you will like this app – only uses its own cartoons. The funny monsters are my favorite – they are helping her get over her fear of the ugly monster hiding in the dark.

5.      Best of all my daughter is retaining what she is learning with KidloLand. After playing the alphabet games for just two weeks she can identify all the capital letters now! 

6.      It is completely ad free. 

7.  There is no interaction with anyone else.  Ever.  There is no way a stranger is going to talk to your kid in this game.

The biggest reason I feel I should share this app with my readers is Mermaid loves it.  In the last two weeks, she hasn’t played anything else.  At all.  She asks to play the “monster game”, then sits on the couch and focuses on her games while I power through my to-do list.

If you want to get this game for your kiddos it’s available on both Apple Store and Google Play. 


Google Play Store:

Amazon Appstore:

Check out their website too.  There are several things I like there: the blog (they have all kinds of parenting articles), there are 13 pages of free downloadable coloring sheets for your kids, and if you click on the Name Poem tab you can get a free poem about your child’s name emailed to you!  What kid wouldn’t love that?

So go try this app and let me know what you think!




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  1. I’ve heard so much about kidloland! Now that my son is really becoming interested in his tablet, we actually ended up downloading and using the free version of this app, which I love! Thanks so much for sharing your review! <3

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