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Motherhood Milestone: Signing up for Soccer

Today I am both excited and a bit apprehensive because we have reached a new Motherhood Milestone that I am not really ready for.  Now that Mermaid is 3 I have been looking for a group activity to sign her up for.  I looked at a few classes like dance and karate but they were still for older kids.  I thought about girl scouts but again older kids.  Then I saw a flyer for an Itty Bitty Soccer League at my local YMCA.

She already loves her toy soccer ball.  It is just one of those round kids balls that has the soccer pattern printed on it, but she doesn’t know that.  She knows that she gets to turn the light on in the hallway and kick it down the hall with all the might her little leg can muster.  She gets to play with Daddy when he gets home from work and he claps when she makes a good kick.  Honestly it is a great way for her to burn off energy when we are stuck at home and I can’t take her out to play.  The pictures are all high enough on the wall she can’t hit them, and if you shut all the doors the ball is contained.

So when I saw the flyer I thought this could be what I am looking for.  I emailed the contact and loved what I heard.

  • First – practice and games are held inside the gym!  I don’t have to worry about lugging around one of those fold out chairs and the psychotic weather in north Florida.
  • Second – there is one practice a week, and one game a week normally on Saturday morning.  I think this is great – I want her to learn about a group sport and be engaged.  I do not want her to be overwhelmed and hate it because she has to go every day of the week.
  • Third – the little jersey is included.  I just have to buy her shin guards and some black shorts.
  • Fourth – and most important – it lasts from Mid March to end of May.  I think this is a great time frame.  It long enough she can give it a fair shot, but short enough that if she hates it I am not stuck forcing her to go for a whole year.

So now I am sitting here waiting for an email from the coordinator telling me what team she is on and how to get started.

I am trying to talk it up to her and tell her how exciting it will be to play soccer with other littles just her size.  That she is going to make so many friends.  She looks at me like I have lost my mind.  She told me, “Mommy you play soccer in the hallway.  How would you get all those kids in our hallway?”


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