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I know that I have told y’all about all the different things I have going on in my life:  1 Mermaid, 1 Hubby, 2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 blogs, romance novel, an online store, and then there is the house planning on top of that.  It is a lot, and lately it has gotten overwhelming. On one hand I know that I need to just pick a side hustle and stick with it, but why? I enjoy writing about our crazy life and some of the books I read. Writing the craft blog on all of the things I make and try is to much fun to give up. I can’t stop writing the novels – though at some point I need to start publishing them. The dream house is going to happen – I just have to figure out how to sell this one first!

I think that I have found a way to get myself organized. To do everything that I love, and not have to give up anything. It is an E-course – Be the Boss of Your Time.  Brianna at has created 16 different courses to help people learn how to organize their time and increase their productivity. I know your thinking that everyone and their mama has a way to do that. The thing about these courses are they are each tailored for a different personality type based on the Myers Briggs personalities. Each one of her courses are tailored specifically for your personality type. It is like having a life coach but without the hefty price tag or nagging.

Before you go to her site though go to and take the personality test to see what your personality is. You can take the test for free, and the site gives you a brief run down on your results.    My personality is an INFJ which basically means I am a introvert with deep feelings.  If you want to see my results chart for an example click here.  I am plotting on how to get Hubby to take the test.  Right now the plan is make him a pie and read the questions out loud for him to answer.

Anywhoo, plotting against Hubby aside …. I have completed 2 of the 5 lessons and part of the workbook and I am loving it.  I have already started noticing a difference in how I organize my day / week and that I am able to complete way more in the same time span.  For an example last week I crocheted 2 baby blankets, a hat, and half a scarf; I wrote 13,000 words in the novel; spent time working on her course; organized my office; cleaned out the fridge and pantry; then I still had time to teach Mermaid how to do the running stitch! I also cleaned the dreaded bathrooms and did all the normal house work that needs to be done to keep the house from being condemned.  And I am only 2 lessons in people.




I have known Brianna for about a year now online.  I love her, if I could figure out a way to get her to move to the South and be my real life Best Mommy Friend I would.  (Turns out she has a fear of alligators – so Florida is probably never going to be home for her.)  After having such great success I asked if I could make her course a Mommy Find.  Normally the courses are $97.00 each, but during the weekend after Thanksgiving she is going to have a different discount/ giveaway/ or promotion everyday.  When you go to the site there will be a pop up with that day’s deal.

If you going to make Get Organized, Be More Productive, Get off the Couch or any thing close to that one of your New Years Resolutions, then get this class now!  If you have to make it count as a Christmas present.   OR if your significant other needs a little help get them a class for a present!


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