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I am new to this Mommy Blogging Lifestyle.  I have been reading all kinds of books to help me make this website the best I can.  I have read ones on how to blog, how to make money blogging, how to work with specific platforms.  The Mom Blog Prompt is the first one that I have found that actually gives me ideas for my genre!

This e-book is the first written by Jacqui Woods.  You can get the book on Amazon right now either by purchasing a copy or using Kindle Unlimited.  I actually learned about it on her website Messy Mom Bun.

I also loved how she formatted her book.  It does not have how to instructions, there are no lists of resources, no service/ program recommendations.  What it does have are lists of writing prompts or titles (for very literal people) that fall into all kinds of categories.  She covers everything from prepping the nursery to dealing with teenagers.

My 5 favorite prompts are:
  1. Baby Names:  Picking A Name Your Child Won’t Regret
  2. From 1 to 2 Children:  Only Child Bucket List
  3. High Schoolers (Teens): Dealing With Your Kids Friends  << I don’t know why but I love this one.
  4. Spring:  Cheap Ideas for Spring Break
  5. Summer:  Best Friends Bucket List For Your Kids


My Recommendation:

I highly recommend this as a book for new mommy bloggers that are looking for inspiration past what their little one ate this morning.  I can say it would also be good for daddy bloggers.  Sure you can’t write first hand what it felt like when your wife gave birth, but with some creative thinking you can spin these so they fit a dad’s point of view.


If you are looking for other great books check out my Good Books page or my GoodReads Profile.

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  1. with baby names I often tried to name them for reasons and often a bit different than that of other babies for example my daughters name is Krystina and my son and daughter are both named after great family members
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