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Merman’s Kiss

Note:  I received a free digital copy of Merman’s Kiss from NetGalley in exchange for my unbiased review. 


This week’s Book of the Week is Merman’s Kiss by Tamsin Ley.  It is her first book and I loved it.  She has a landing page were you can sign up for updates on her upcoming books.  She already has 2 more planned to come out this spring.

One of the best parts in a paranormal romance novel is the way the author creates an entire world for her characters.  They have to create a set of myths and legends, a structured society, and find what motivates their nonhuman characters.  When done well it is like glimpsing into an alternate reality.  This novel is one that is done extremely well.  It is also clear that that Ms. Ley spent time researching marine life for this book. The way she describes the different fish and animals in the ocean is so realistic.  The way the mermen use sonar location and sound waves reminds me of dolphins. 

I love the way that Ms. Ley turned the gender roles in the merperson world.  This is not a spoiler, she tells you right away how things break down.  The mermen are strong and reclusive, they build incredible nests for the children they will have some day, and they are doomed to be mated to the first woman they have sex with.  What woman wouldn’t want a man like that?  Now the mermaids, they are vain tricksters who use and leave as many men as they want.  They abandon their children with their males and roam the sea causing trouble. 

Zantu rescues Brianna when she tries to kill herself and then the sparks start flying.  These two may have been born different species but they are definitely soul mates.  And they mate often.  I never really thought about a merman being sexy but those thoughts have definitely changed.  I am going to be studying the ocean waves more closely when I go to the beach that is for sure.

I hope that Ms. Ley can turn this into a series.  I would love to read about all the mermen revolting against the evil mermaids and finding human mates they can love and have that love returned. 


 My Rating – 5 Stars 

I have two warnings before you read it though – there is a lot of sex, and there is a suicide attempt.  If either of those things bother you try a different book. 

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