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Celebrating Me in February

Since I became a mommy three years ago I have stopped doing many of the things for myself I used to.  Pre-motherhood I would spend a couple of hours in the salon getting buffed, waxed, cut and colored.  I would buy a new purse or outfit when ever I wanted.  There was no limit to the books I would download.  A little wood bowl sat on my end table filled with chocolate for me to nibble on.  Things have changed drastically now that I am in the Motherhood group.  I might get to go to the salon once every month or so, but nothing gets buffed or waxed anymore.  I have enough time with the babysitter for a color and cut.  These days I don’t enjoy buying clothes; honestly if I could get away with wearing maternity jeans with a three year old I so would.  The only things that I kept splurging on was books and yarn.

So this brings me to my New Years Resolution – find a way to Celebrate Me once a month.  In January I signed up for a yarn subscription service (they send me a pattern, skein of yarn, and a surprise goodie), I bought myself a new class on Craftsy, and I made it to the salon.  I felt so much better so I decided I am going to treat myself every month this year.  Right now I am trying to decide between the following things:


  1. Red Havoc Rogue by TS Joyce.  I have read T.S. Joyce’s other 12 series.  I love her books, the characters carry from one to the next and most of the series connect in some way.  Because I read so many books I love when I find an author with the ability to create a whole world and keep it going across so many novels I read everything they put out.  The awesome part is you can get most of them with Kindle Unlimited on  If you want to buy a copy it is only $0.99.
  2. Short Sleeve Pajama Set Love Me Rose Quartz from Soma:  I can’t tell you how much I love everything from Soma.  I can wear a different outfit in my closet for 2 weeks just from them and not repeat it.  I only have one set of pajamas though so this month I am ordering this set.  I love the soft rose color and the saying on the shirt sums up every morning at my house.
  3. Yankee Candle:  I love the large jar candles they last forever and the scent doesn’t fade.  My current favorite scent is called Bakery Air.  You can only get this one online, and since you can’t sniff it through your pc screen I will tell you it smells like flour, sugar, and butter had a baby and named it maple.  You need this in your life.
  4. Lindt Gourmet Truffle BoxYou can get a 7.3 oz box of truffles for $9.99 on  It is not the little individual wrapped ones either – it is a gourmet box!  The flavors are:  Milk, Dark, White, Hazelnut, Dark Chocolate Vanilla and 60% Extra Dark Chocolate.
  5. Half Ass Craft Pack from the Darn Good Yarn Co:  I heard about them through a friend last month and after visiting their site I have fallen in love.  They have a sense of humor and some darn good yarn.  This pack has 3 skeins of chiffon yarn, a hilarious tote you have to see to believe, and a pattern for an arm knit scarf.  It is on sale right now for $39.99.



I am teaming up with my friends Betty from and Jacqui from to give away a $50 Amazon gift card to two lucky people.  That way you can celebrate yourself this month too!  You know you are always putting the things you want for yourself on the back burner instead of getting that new pair of shoes you have been eyeing for the spring.

To check out Jacqui’s list click here for her post.  Personally I am going to add the Geeky Chef Cookbook to my list – I am such a Whovian you have no idea.

To take a look at Betty’s dream list click here for her post.  I am going to add the Silicone Baking Set to my wishlist for Valentines Day.




The contest is open from February 10 – March 11.  The Jacqui will pick the winner on March 12 and notify them by email.  You can enter once with just your email or earn extra entries by following our sites and social accounts!  You know you want as many opportunities as possible to get one of those cards.

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  1. Such great ways to celebrate you!!

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