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Rock Chick

Rock Chick
Rock ChickRock Chick (Rock Chick, #1) by Kristen Ashley

I know I have said it before, and I will say it again – I love a long book series.  A friend of mine recently recommended author Kristen Ashley to me.  I found her website and was impressed with what I saw.  She even has a  reading list so you know exactly what order to read the books, and the series.  The best part is that she lets you know if the series intermingle and what book to read between series books so things make sense. Bless my little OCD heart I always have to start at the beginning with a new author.  Her first set of books are the Rock Chick Series, and the first is of course – Rock Chick.  It is an 8 book set that covers different couples that are some how involved in a group of friends in Denver.  To be honest the covers are not my favorite, but after reading the descriptions I am all kinds of excited and ready to get rolling into these books.

Rock Chick is hilarious.  I am not going to lie, more than once I actually laughed out loud and the dogs looked at me like I had lost my mind.  Honestly it was a little confusing in the beginning.  It jumps around a bit in the first chapter jumping between descriptions of people, Indy’s memories, and the current action but once they get to the apartment everything will settle down and you will love it.  The action is fast moving, and the romance is hot enough to melt butter.

The plot follows the blurb on Amazon and you don’t really want spoilers, so I am going to tell you my two favorite supporting characters.

  • Ally:  This is Indy’s best friend since birth, and Lee’s little sister.  She is smart and a free spirit.  She has had plans to get Indy and Lee together since elementary school – just so she can have a niece named after her.  I think the thing that firmly put her in the number one spot for me is she had business cards made up.  Seriously, she had business cards made with her and Indy’s contact numbers to pass out to all the crazy people they were talking to while trying to find the missing diamonds and Rosie.
  • Tex:  He is a riot.  A Vietnam Vet who has obvious PTSD and trouble with a capital T.  He has spent the last twenty years guarding the neighborhood he lives in as it goes down hill – he only left once for a trip to the dentist.  He sits on his front porch with night vision goggles, a shot gun, and his cats.  I love him.  He is full of surprises once they get him off that street and back into society.

My Rating:  5 Stars

I already have the second book, Rock Chick Rescue, queued up in my Kindle waiting for me.  I gave this book 5 stars on Good Reads and recommend it to any one who loves a strong woman who is quirky and an alpha male that makes the Terminator look cuddly.

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