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Terrible Housewife, Awesome Mother, & Introverted Nerd

Bet Me by Lila Monroe

Bet Me by Lila Monroe
by Lila Monroe

I have a new favorite author that I have to share with you!  Lila Monroe.  I just read her novel Bet Me and I am not going to lie I finished it in about four hours.  It is that good people.

The book revolves around Lizzie and her wish to find a man who knows how to treat a woman.  Hell she would settle if he knew how to behave on a date.  It is set in New York City, and you get treated to all the dramas of the Big Apple dating scene (well I am guessing as I have neither been to the Big Apple or dated in the last 10 years) there are weird first dates, guys who don’t know how to handle a lady in the bedroom, girlfriend brunches, work drama, and a douche bag ex you will love to hate.

I love the way Lila thought of all aspects of the characters.  The only flat parts about them are the bottom of their shoes.  Lizzie wants romance that would rival any classic Hollywood movie, and if the guy who can deliver is smoking hot that is a bonus.  Jake loves hunting for hard to find and unobtainable things, and has never had a woman blow off his advances.  He thinks romance is all a game that leads to getting a woman in bed. When the two are forced to work together it is a recipe for fun.  When Lizzie accidently uploads a rant she meant as a video message to her sister to YouTube instead it goes viral.  Seriously a rant about how dating sucks and she is going to hold out for romance.

I don’t want to say any more and give out spoilers, so lets just say if you like – romantic comedy, New York City, LA, classic Hollywood, classic movies, a smoking hot man, and a quirky museum curator that sticks to her guns then you need to go get this book!



None.  Just a good read.


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