10 Emergency Numbers You Need To Know

10 Emergency Numbers You Need To Know

You probably go through your day pretty happy without knowing the number to poison control don’t you? You think, “Hey if I need it I will just google it.” What happens when you are in the middle of an emergency and heaven forbid you don’t have time to google that info? Hopefully you will stay calm and take care of business, but honestly not all of us have that super power. So while it is all rainbos and unicorns in your world take a minute and make your own list of 10 emergency numbers you need to know. While your at it write down address where you can just incase you have to make a trip at midnight.





1.  Poison Control

I recently read an interview on the top three reasons people call poison control. The answers were pretty scary. 60% of the calls are for children under the age of 6. They have swallowed medicine they shouldn’t have been able to open, cleaners they found in a fun spray bottle, or the biggest reason they swallowed a personal hygiene item. If you think your kid or pet has swallowed something that isn’t straight up food (or got it in their eyes) call them to find out what to do. They won’t report you to the authorities they just want to help.
1-800-222-1222 < This is the number for any poison control center acrossthe USA. No matter where you call from you will be connected to your local center. Go put it in your phone right now.




2.  Local Hospital

At some point you will need to go to the hospital. The thing you need here more than the number is the address. That way if you have an emergency but don’t require an ambulance you can get there on your own.
*If you live in an area with multiple hospitals make sure to write down which one takes your insurance. Nothing sucks like out of network provider fees on top of emergency room fees – trust me on this one.




3.  Doctors & Pediatricians

I know you are super mom and have these in a special folder on your phone so they are just a click away. But what happens when you are on that rare trip to the store by yourself and Hubby needs to make an emergency trip to the dentist because of his addiction to salt water taffy? You know he hasn’t been in ages and can’t remember where the dentist is.
*If you have several on your list make sure to write down who sees what doctor.





4.  Plumber


This is a lesson I learned recently when the water heater flooded the garage. Standing in a foot of water trying to save the stuff you have packed in cardboard boxes at midnight is not the time to compare plumbers online.




5.  Electrician


This one I learned a few years ago when lightening struck the house. Trust me that is when you definitely want to have a number handy. The lightening strike fried the internet router, the stove, and a couple of plug in sockets.




6.  Appliance Repair


This one is tricker to find but a good number to have on hand. The electrician who came for the lightening couldn’t do a thing for the stove but unplug it. I called the appliance repair company and they came out to look at it for me. I ended up having to replace it but I needed their quote/ declaration of it being dead for the insurance company to pay for it to be replaced.






7.  Emergency Vet

If you have pets you know they can get into all kinds of trouble any time of day. Waking up to a sick pet in the middle of the night is nerve wracking by itself. Not knowing where the closest all night vt is just makes it worse. *Bonus points if you have the number of the one recommended by your normal vet. It makes transferring care to them so much easier.







8.  Animal Control

This is less for your pets and more for wild or stray animals that you might run into. Some reasons people call in are: raccoon stuck in your bird feeder, bear in your pool, moose camping out under your trampoline, an alligator sitting on the back deck, or a pack of stray Chihuahuas roaming the neighborhood.






9.  Taxi


You never know when your going to need a taxi. Car broke down? Flat tire? Abandoned by your sister at Target? Want to hit the bar but not drive home? Make sure to look up the local taxi company and save the number in your phone. If there are several to choose from make sure to get the most reliable one. Sitting on a curb waiting for a taxi for an hour is just going to make a bad situation worse.






10.  Tow Truck

This is definitely one that needs to go in your phone if you don’t have roadside assistance. I broke down in Dallas once – in rush hour – on a 10 lane highway – a mile from the nearest exit. I don’t know about you but I would rather call a tow truck service that has good reviews over the one that came up at the top of a google search. Bubba driving up in a dirty wrecker with holes in his shirt is not a safe feeling.







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