10 Easy Tools to Organize Your Closet

The best time to organize your closet is always going to be right now.  First you need to get rid of the things you no longer need by decluttering your closet.  Second assess what you really need to make your closet the perfect one for you and your space.  Do you have a ton of shoes or purses?  Need a better way to organize your pants than that leaning tower of denim on the top shelf?  There are four main areas you can organize with a few simple tools from Amazon – hanging clothes, shoes, baskets and bins, and lost space.  Third – the fun part – do some shopping on Amazon!  Fourth get busy installing any of these Easy Tools to Organize Your Closet.

If you are on a budget don’t worry just pick the one thing you think will help you the most.  For me the game changer is the little wire basket with hooks.  I hung one on the inside wall of my closet that was just dead space.  Now I have hooks for robes and my favorite sweaters and a place to keep my lint roller and crocheted hat I wear every morning for school drop off (you know to hide my horrible morning hair).



Hanging Clothes

There are so many different kinds of hangars out there.  If you want to save some space and avoid your hangers getting stuck to each other try these two.  If nothing else trade in all those mismatched hangars you get free when you buy clothes and get a simple pack of white hangars.


Pant Hangars

This is one of the easiest things to start using in your closet that will save you the most space.  I have three that I use for different types of pants – jeans, khakis, and leggings.  They all stay together and out of the way.  The best part is if you hang your pants right out of the dryer you won’t have to iron the khakis, and the leggings won’t get snagged by random buttons and zippers.  I can’t tell you how many pairs of expensive leggings have been ruined by snags.

If you have a ton of sweaters and need to get them off the shelves try hanging them sideways over these hangers as well.  Bonus – it keeps them from getting the stretched shoulders from hanging them on normal hangers.


Tank Top Hangers

If you have a cami in every color you need these hangers.  They hold several shirts at once and keep them from creating that nightmare of tangled straps in your closet.  Bonus – they take up less room since there are several on each hanger.


This sucker also works great for bras.





Shoes are the hardest part for most people to deal with.  Especially if you have a pair for every outfit.  These are my 3 favorite ways to keep mine organized and looking great.  If you always take your shoes off at the front door try putting a pretty wicker basket there you can toss them in until you get a chance to put them away.


Shoe Cube Organizer

A friend told me about this shoe cube.  I couldn’t throw out my old bar style shoe rack fast enough.  Yes it is going to take up some space in the bottom of your closet but the benefits of having your shoes right where you need them far out weigh the lost space.  Imagine never having to balance your flats on those little bars again.  You know it makes you happy just thinking about it.





Over the Door Hanger

I have one of these on the back of my closet door.  The top half is full of the scarves and gloves I use the most, and the bottom holds my converse and sneakers.  If you are working with a small closet these can be real life savers.

You can use them to organize any small item in your closet – scarves, hats, bras, tee shirts, socks, or clutches.





Boot Shaper Stands

If you have boots in your wardrobe you know how hard it is to keep them from developing those creases where they fall over in the closet.  These little shapers keep your pairs together while keeping them standing up – preventing that awful crease.

They make boot shapers that can hang from your clothing rods.  Personally I don’t like for my shoes to touch my clean clothes, but if you have a extra rod space that could be a great way to get them up off the floor for you.





Baskets & Bins

Once you have your hanging clothes and shoes organized you can start getting more specialized tools for your organization.  Think about how you are going to store your out of season accessories, purses, etc.  If nothing else get some fabric cubes to line up on the top shelf and assign a different thing to each one.


Mesh Laundry Bags

I like to have several of these on hand they have so many uses.  You can use them in the laundry room when washing unmentionables.  For organization in your closet – keep your bathing suits in one, mittens in another, teddies and matching thigh highs in another.  They are also great when you are traveling as an alternative to packing cubes.




Collapsible Laundry Basket

Honestly I just discovered these.  I hate that I have to find some where to store the laundry basket when I am not using it.  Normally it just ends up sitting on top of the hamper in the bedroom – how attractive is that?  These puppies collapse and slide under your clothes in the closet – completely out of sight.  I have 3 ordered right now and can’t wait to use them.




Purse Organizer

You have a ton of purses all stuffed on the top shelf of your closet?  Hang one of these in your closet and get those purses down where you can actually use them.  There are several kinds, but I like this one because it is skinny and I can detach it if I need to have it separated in different closets.




Lost Space

Your closet is looking so good right now.  There are just a few more things to consider if you want it to be so organized you could find things in the dark.  I love these two suggestions because they use the extra space in your closet that otherwise just gathers dust.



Drawer Organizers

I know these are made to go in your dresser – and they work great in there.  But they also work great in your closet.  If you have double bars in your closet you could slide them on the floor under the clothes hanging from the bottom bar.  They will keep all your smaller items tidy and tucked out of the way.

If your working with limited space you could always get rid of the dresser and use these in the closet instead.




Wire Basket with Hooks

This is my favorite closet hack.  I know this basket is supposed to go out near your front door, but think of what it can do for you in the closet.  It has hooks for your favorite sweaters and robes.  Heck you can hang belts from the hooks too.  The basket is perfect for your lint roller, favorite hat, or to collect anything you are always taking in and out of your pockets.








I hope you love these easy tools to organize your closet. 

Leave me a comment below and let me know which one you want to use first. 

Or if you have one I haven’t thought of let me know!











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