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Troubles of a Terrible Housewife

Troubles of a Terrible Housewife

Ok it’s confession time. A few years ago when I was pregnant with Mermaid I left my job as an administrator and became a housewife/ stay at home mom. I am pretty great at the Mom gig. The Housewife part is a whole different story.  A year ago I started working on this blog and I had big dreams. I would grow and learn and share all my stuff with the world.  I would inspire women everywhere. That hasn’t really happened.  So now I have a new series – the Troubles of a Terrible Housewife – where I talk about the things I am really having trouble with and how I eventually will fix them.

I have a service for the yard that keeps the house from looking abandoned, but the beds need work and all the mulch has left for a better kept yard.  The living room is full of kid toys, yarn projects and way to many old lumpy pillows. The dining room is mostly a kennel for the dogs. My bedroom is a catch all for everything.  No lie right now I can see a hundred old magazines, a dress form with at least 3 projects on it, and odd momentous that I don’t have anywhere else to put in my dresser.  The only room that is put together is Mermaids room. And that is over flowing with stuffed animals. Not only do I make them for her but people buy them for her on a regular basis.

I need to organize this place and get it up to the clean standards of a 50’s Housewife. At first I thought to myself I would be able to get to it when Mermaid started school in August. Nope didn’t happen. Then the procrastinator in me thought I would do it starting the new year.  Make a whole year of cleaning up and organizing. Well that just stinks because what is magically going to happen on January 1, 2018? Not a damn thing. Add to the fact that I hope to sell this house and move to Georgia this summer it really isn’t going to happen.

So today we start with the Troubles of a Terrible Housewife. Instead of trying to wow the world with the pretend glory of my house I am going to keep it real and tell you how clearing out a garage full of crap is going and how you can hopefully take care of yours too!


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