Terrible Housewife & Awesome Mother

Terrible Housewife & Awesome Mother

Sipping Cocoa Sundays #1

Sipping Cocoa Sundays #1

I have been working on getting everything in order, get the family ready for the Holidays and try not to loose my ever loving mind.  While trying to do the impossible I have realized a few things =

  1. Don’t try to paint your living room during December.  Especially when Hubby is out of town and can’t move the furniture.  Definately not when there is a Christmas tree in the mix.  Just don’t people.  Wait till January trust me.
  2. You can’t do everything in a week that you have been putting off for years.  Sure I am motivated to clean out the garage, find a roofer, paint the living room, have the most kick ass holiday ever, create a capsule wardrobe, start cooking nightly.  But in all honesty there is no way all that is happening at once.  Much less in December.
  3. If I spend a half hour everyday with some noise cancelling headphones – the whole day is better.  Seriously try it.  (Dirty secret – sometimes I do this more than once a day.)
  4. I need a plan and goals to get shit done, and  I need them written down.
  5. I need accountability to make sure I get the ‘big’ stuff done.  Sure I can handle cooking everyday on my own but obviously I can’t handle painting.  These paint patches have been up for longer than I can remember and I still haven’t painted the walls.  The last time someone asked I told them it was modern art.

So in the hopes of giving myself a form of accountability I am going to recap my weeks on the blog – every Sunday.  While sipping some cocoa and making a plan for the next week.

Remember last week when I posted about my Blogging Anniversary and a Revelation?  As far as getting to my peaceful moments I have started a new project I hope will get me there.  I heard a podcast last month on a book called “The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubin.  The podcast host was talking to her about her year long journey to find her happiness.  She was a successful writer in New York, happily married, and a mom.  She had everything she wanted but was still not really and truly happy.  So she decided to go find her happy.  I bought the book last week and I am going to try my own Happiness Project.  I can’t give you all her secrets and processes – you need to go buy her book for that – but I can tell you what I am doing to try and find my happy and if it is working for me.  I am going to try and give a monthly post on my goals and how I am meeting them.  I am only a few chapters into the book but I have high hopes that it is going to be awesome.  If your interested there is a Facebook group page you can join.  There are also groups of some kind that are forming in different towns for people starting their own projects.  Maybe they are like Weight Watchers where you get together for accountability?

The other thing I said I wanted was some black and white photo moments.  Here are few from this week ….

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Things you can expect on my Sunday ramblings

Any new books I have read that week, recipes I have tried, funny things the kid says.  Anything that I can think of that is worth sharing really.  So buckle up buttercup this is going to be fun.E

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