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Now I Am Armed and Dangerous !

Now I Am Armed and Dangerous !

It is important to receive support for the things you want to do in life.  Well it is important to receive support for the good things you want to do in life – I can’t support people who want to swallow fire, that’s just crazy.  Right now I am talking about the support my Hubby gives me with my websites.  Over the years he has been squeezed out of the office as I have taken up all the room with supplies for my e-stores.  Over the holidays he has listened to me ramble about my first website – – until his eyes glazed over. 

So when I told him I had a brilliant idea to do a blog based on our home.  He didn’t run grab a bottle of champagne to celebrate my brilliance, he just nodded and said the name sounded great and grabbed a cookie off the plate while walking away.  I took that as a win and went back to planning and writing. 

The other day he came home from running some errands and hands me a bag from Home Depot then went back out to his car to get the rest.  I had not asked for anything so I assumed it was for him and just put it on the kitchen table for him.  When he came back in carrying a new power drill, I smiled and asked if he was already starting on his tool allowance for the year from his job.  I was stunned when he said, “Nope.  This is for you.  You will need one if your going to be doing a bunch of DIY and decorating for your new website.  Thought you might like this one.”  Then he reaches in the bag I had put on the table and pulled out a big box of bits and things to go with it.  Watch out house now I am armed and dangerous.

Best Husband Ever!






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