Advice for Realistic Homemaking

Advice for Realistic Homemaking

Gift Guides

I have always loved giving gifts – especially if it is something I have made myself.  When I worked as an Senior Executive Assistant for government contractor one of my jobs was to get gifts for different occasions.  I was responsible for buying gifts for weddings, births, etc for our corporate office employees.  I also had to buy 40 gifts for the White Elephant every year at Christmas.  After a while people in the office started coming to me for gift ideas for occasions they were going to on thier own.  One poor project manager was so afraid of getting trapped in the mall he even paid me to go pick up gifts for him.

I started getting so many requests for gift ideas I just printed out lists and would hand them out as needed.  Mother’s Day coming up?  Here you go.  Sister’s birthday? Here is a list for that.  Son graduating high school?  Here are 10 things he would really like.

Now that I am a stay at home mom I still messages on Facebook asking for gift ideas.  I have to admit that I didn’t even think to share them on here with you.  Hubby read the Easter Guide I wrote and said, “Your such a nerd why don’t you put your lists on your site?” I thought it was a brilliant idea.

I am going to try and stay ahead of holidays where you normally give gifts, and cover other situations where gifts are normally given.  If you need ideas for something let me know and I will make a list for it too!



Affiliate Disclaimer:  There is a good chance that something on one of the lists is going to be an affiliate link.  I choose my affiliates because I love thier products or services so why would I not recommend them?  Not everything will be though.  I am going to put the affiliate banner on each one just incase.  Remember if you click on an affiliate link it will change nothing about your shopping experience or the cost of your items.  They just track how many people I refer, and if anyone makes a purchase I get a small percentage.  This helps keep my home bustling and helps pay for Mermaid’s book addiction.


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