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Family Bucket List: US National Parks

Family Bucket List:  US National Parks

Are you looking for an excuse to drag your kids away from their games and out in to the bright light of day? Find a park near you, pack a picnic basket, and go on an adventure. Not sure you are up for climbing a mountain today? That is ok because there are all kinds of Parks, Historic Monuments, Fossil Beds, and Battlefields. There are different types of programs or events at each one that you will love.  To help you get started this is my family’s bucket list of parks to visit.

I am a bit of a National Park junkie. I love going to the Gulf Coast Seashore – my daughter loves playing in the sand and tossing a flower into the ocean when we go. Hubby and I went to the Grand Canyon for part of our honeymoon. I thought that if I was starting something grand we should see something grand!  I have hiked mountain trails, visited archeological sites and historic homes that are all overseen by the National Park Service.

Depending on what state you live in there could be any where from one to over a dozen parks to choose from.  Want to find one?  The National Park Service’s website has a search engine where you can look them up by state or region. Below is my Travel Bucket List of National Parks.  Some have been marked off already and some have to wait till my daughter is a little older, but we are going to get to all of them!  After writing this post I decided to add parks that are in the USA Territories. If you are going to dream – dream big right?

Go check out their website and start making your own list.  If you need more inspiration they have a blog with themed lists you can use as a starting point.  Interested in Women’s Rights? There is a group of houses that belonged to important women.  Interested in Presidents?  Lincoln has at least 3 different parks alone.  Like spelunking? Make your dream list of caves to visit.


National Parks By State:

Mesa Verde / Photo Credit: National Park Service
Mammoth Cave / Photo Credit: National Park Service
Isle Royale / Photo Credit: National Park Service
Glacier National Park / Photo Credit – National Park Service
Fort Raleigh National Historic Site/ Photo Credit: National Park Service
Independence Park / Photo Credit: National Park Service
Mount Rainier / Photo Credit: National Park Service


National Parks By Territory:

San Juan National Park/ Photo Credit: National Park Service

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