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Terrible Housewife, Awesome Mother, & Introverted Nerd

Mother’s Day Wishlist

Mother’s Day Wishlist


I know for a lot of people Mother’s Day is when you get your Mom a bouquet of flowers and a small gift from the department store.  If you are really good you probably eat lunch at her favorite restaurant so she gets out of cooking and cleaning the kitchen.  These are great things.  Moms every where love them.  But if you want to knock it out of the park this year why not go for a handmade gift?

I know some of you just made that squinty face and cringed.  I am not saying YOU have to make your gift by hand, but you could buy one that someone made by hand.  Personally I am crafty as hell, I love to make gifts for people.  The people who are always the most appreciative of a hand made gift is a mother.  There are dozens of places you can buy a hand made gift online.  Just pick one of your Mom’s favorite things and start searching.  My go to websites for handmades are Etsy and Amazon Handmade.

This year for my Mother I am making her a new beaded bookmark because she loves reading paperbacks.  For my Mother-in-law I am making a scarf in black and gold for her favorite football team.  Hubby asked what I would like for Mother’s Day this year and I have been looking at all the different things that I would love.  I know that I am only going to get one of these beauties, or may be none of them.  My Hubby can be tricky and get me something I said I wanted years ago as a surprise instead of something on the list I gave him.  He is pretty awesome that way.

My current wish list is from Amazon Handmade.

  1.  Mama Bear Necklace from Seirra Metal Design – I have a thing for bears and this is just quirky and sweet at the same time.
  2. Leather Travel Journal from Schafer Art Studio – I have a long running obsession with journals.  I have always wanted a leather one just to write out our family adventures (vacations) so I have those memories in one place.  This journal is big enough to hold years worth of trips and can be personalized on the cover!
  3. Mom Coffee Mug from Neurons Not Included – It is just hilarious someone made this mug.  I have been saying this forever to my Hubby except using wife instead of mom.  Now that Mermaid is getting old enough to lick the beaters I need this in my life.
  4. Leaf Earrings with Citrine Stones by Rene’s Jewelry Art – Mermaid’s birthstone is citrine.  I last year I received a pair of citrine studs, and this year I am upping the game with these beautiful earrings.  I love the leaves and stones, they are just so me.
  5. Hair Fork by Wandahandmade – I have been wearing my hair in buns since I was 5.  I love when I can find a funky bit of hair jewelry that dresses up a bun.  If you like a more detailed piece they have those too, her stuff looks amazing.

Use my wish list as a jumping off point for what to get the Moms in your life.  Remember to start shopping early though if you go the handmade route!  Some items take a week to a month to create.



UPDATED 05-03-17

The giveaway for the two Amazon Giftcards has ended and the winners were announced on Messymombun.com. Both prizes have been claimed.  I will have another giveaway soon!  If you want to see some other suggestions on what to get all the Moms in your life check out these blogs for more inspiration:  Jacqui at Messy Mom Bun, Elle at Maps and Monograms, Brianna at SpikedParenting, and Betty at The Terrific Five.



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