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Sane Moms

Sane Moms

Lets face it as a mom you many not get as much free time as you want, so you have to be creative with working in what you love to do with what you have to do.  Like sneaking a candy bar in the garage while hiding behind a stack of boxes, hoping your kid doesn’t hear the wrapper.

I have a list of hobbies I love that is longer than the hamburger list at McDonalds.  Do I get to do them all?  No, heavens no I don’t.  Do I think about them and wish I could?  Yes, yes I do.  In the last three years I forgot how to be me.  I am figuring it out again though.  I am a rock star mom who is teaching her daughter how to do all kinds of things, while also teaching her how to play alone so I can have some me time (that does not include hiding in the garage.)

This is the page to find links on all the things that I find time to do for myself.  Everything from a new favorite store, a new product, Motherhood Milestones I reach, and giveaways where you can enter to win gift cards to spend on yourself.


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