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Left At The Altar

Left At The Altar
by Margaret Brownley

I can’t remember the last time I read a novel set in the late 1900’s in the ‘wild west’.  After reading Left At The Altar I am going to have to start.  This book is hilarious, touching, and romantic all at once. 

Even though the story is centered on Meg and the day she was left at the altar, the author covers so much more.  She talks about the Civil War, the plight of women in child birth in that time, the Women’s Rights movement, the daily life in a town in the west.  She works in supporting characters that will make you laugh – there is an old lady who moves daily between two houses, a dog catcher who is trying to take anything that remotely looks like a dog, and her father.  (Her father is almost a story by himself.)

If you are looking for a book to read this week you should definitely pick up a copy.


My Recommendations: 

This book is great for any one who likes a sweet romance story.  There is no sex.  A few hot kisses but no sex. 


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