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I am not going to sugar coat it.  Life is hard and everyone wants to find the secret to a happy one.  The people who have figured out the secret path to happiness is the Danes apparently.  They have been ranked the world’s happiest country more than once.  Lucky for the rest of us they want to share the secret – it is hygge.  It is pronounced hoo-gah (my little southern heart was saying higgy like piggy) my friend at the book store told me the right way when I went looking for books.  Now that I know how to say it, I am working on living hygge.  Yep, you have to learn to hygge because they use it as a verb.

The way I learned about hygge was from an article in Breathe magazine.  I love the magazine and it always has something fun in it but nothing has clicked for me like the concept of hygge.  I have spent a lot of money over the last year on self help books looking for a way to be happier in my life.  The problem was they all told me I needed a big life changing event, or to empty everything out of the house, to remodel the house, have an Eat, Pray, Love kind of trip, or one crazy book wanted me to give up carbs and sugar to be happy.  Seriously no bread, noodles, cake, or sweet tea – how is that supposed to make a woman happy?  It was an extreme book.

So last week when I read a short article on how to hygge during the winter I immediately bought the book they talked about – The Little Book of Hygge – and read it in one day.  The next day I went back for the other two books by Meik Wiking.  Now I am rereading his book on hygge to find all the gems that I missed.  Then I am going to start on the others.

I realized living hygge is something southerners could do easy.  We just have to tweek a few things.  People in Florida are not going to snuggle under a thick blanket in front of a fire – people in Tennessee might though.  It is easy for us to bring the outdoors in, most of us bring in potted plants for those few nights a year when it freezes down here.  The basic concept is to live a happy life in a cozy environment with friends.

You can’t think of hygge as a decorating style or a fad it is a way to live your life.  Are you more of a minamilst who loves modern art?  Great add a soft blanket to that crhome chouc and be happy.  Love your little camper trailer?  Awesome, park it near a forest.  Have a small house you want to gut and remodel?  Honey we all do.  Just pick one spot make it cozy and then get to the rest when you have the time.

If you want to know more about hygge check out the book that started everything, or just type hygge into pinterest and grab your favorite hot drink.

These are the three books by Meik Wiking.  They are affiliate links to Amazon.  (I have to tell you, but it is not going to change a thing for you the links just let Amazon know I sent you thier way.)  If you have read them leave me a comment below and let me know what you think, or your favorite way to hygge.


Right now The Little Book of Hygge ebook is only $1.99 on Amazon!  I am not sure how long it will last so snap it up while you can.




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