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Heat – Bearpaw Ridge Firefighters #1

Heat – Bearpaw Ridge Firefighters #1
by Ophelia Sexton

Heat – Bearpaw Ridge Firefighters #1 is a debut novel for Ophelia Sexton in the paranormal genre.  According to her short bio on Amazon she has published other novels under a different name, and it shows.  The way the characters react to the plot twists and turns is completely believable.  There is no far reaching jumps or personality shifts.  The whole book flows smoothly from one scene to the next.  The descriptions are enough to let you imagine what is happening without being bogged down in the tiny details that can cause a story to drag. 

The main couple of Annabeth and Dane are a great match up.  I love that she has just enough issues that she is this side of booking into the looney farm and that he is not a jerk.  It is refreshing that the main characters are people that I would actually like to know in real life.  She would be the fun friend who brings the cupcakes to book club and he is the nice guy who would pull over and change the tire for an old lady stranded on the side of the road.   Don’t get me wrong he will hold a guy off the ground and threaten him with death for assaulting his woman.  Which was just so hot by the way. 

I love the little town of Bear Paw Ridge.  She has done an excellent job of creating a town of people that band together when the going gets tough, as well as when the cinnamon rolls are hot. 

My Recommendation:  5 Stars

 I think this is a perfect debut for Ms. Sexton.  I can’t wait for the rest of the series to come out – Dane has four unmated brothers!  Personally I want to skip to the book about Thor.  Just because his name is Thor and no matter how she writes him he is going to look exactly like the actor in the movies in my head!



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