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Crazy Family Holidays for August 2017

Crazy Family Holidays for August 2017

In my family we look for any reason to celebrate the little things in life.  Way back in the dawn of time when Hubby and I first started dating we had random days where we would celebrate our Unbirthdays just like in Alice in Wonderland.  Now with busy lives, a toddler and a wild menagire of pets we still like to find odd reasons to have fun.  We celebrate Star Wars on May 4th, Crazy food holidays all year long, and silly holidays like Take your Parents to Lunch Day.  So I thought I would share a list of fun things you could celebrate with your family this month with – Crazy Family Holidays for August 2017.  Bear in mind these are all actual crazy holidays that really exist! So pick one and go have a fun day with your people!


Celebrate All Month Long



American Adventures Month

American Indian Heritage Month

Arrr-Gust: International Pirate Month

Happiness Happens Month

National Read A Romance Month


Just for a Week

1-7 = International Clown Week & Simplify Your Life Week

3 -5 = International Tree Climbing Days

4 – 7 = Rock for Life Week

6 – 12 Exercise With Your Child Week & National Farmers Market Week

7 – 13 = National Bargain Hunting Week & Weird Contest Week

11 – 19 = Elvis Week

13 – 19 = National Resurrect Romance Month

15 – 21 National Aviation Week

21 – 25 = National Safe At Home Week

25 – 31 = Be Kind to Humankind Week







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