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Halloween Cake Inspiration – You Can Actually Do!

Halloween is my favorite holiday, you get free candy, wear costumes, and roam the streets after dark.  The whole point of the holiday is to have fun.  I decorate the house just as much for Halloween as I do for Christmas.  Seriously.  The only difference is I don’t have a seven foot tall tree with decorations tied to the dining room table so the animals can’t knock it over.  I now that I have a little girl who loves the holiday as much as I do I am going to make a center piece cake for our Halloween this year.  I have been watching old seasons of the Great British Baking Show on Netflix and the Halloween Baking Championship on Food Network.  Which has lead me down the Pinterest rabbit hole looking for cakes I could actually make myself at home and not have to buy a hundred dollars worth of specialty equipment to do.  Hubby suggested I write a post that have links to the cakes so others can use it as a short cut to find one they could make as well.  So here is my list of Halloween Cake Inspiration – that you can actually do!

*Side note:  As of right now I haven’t made any of these cakes.  I have found the links on Pinterest and all the credit goes to the original poster.  I have no affiliate links to any of them.




Mini Monster Chocolate Whoopie Pies by

These cute little whoopie pies are not a cake but they are so cute and easy I had to include them.

If you don’t have time to make a show stopper.  Click over to her site and she has every step spelled out for you.

Bonus you don’t have to make the eyes – they are candy eyes that come that way.



Spooky Eyeball Halloween Cake by BettyCrocker

This cake is so darn cute.  You make all the little ghost shapes using a piping bag with a open round tip

and the candy eyes again from the whoopie pies.  I love this one because you don’t have to frost the sides,

but you get to add the little candy eyes and have the ghosts peeking out the side!



Monster Sheet Cake Video Tutorial from

This is so awesome.  My Cake School did a video to show you how to make this sheet cake monster.

This one takes a bit more for the decorations but they are things that you can use on other cakes easily.

(Side Note:  You can buy prepared fondant at Joanns / Micheals in the baking section if you don’t want to make it from scratch.)



Candy Corn Cake by

This one is perfect for those who want a minimalist type of cake – or just love candy corn.



Witch Hat Cupcakes by

These are some of the cutest cupcakes ever.  Bonus all the hard parts of the decorating is done for you by the cookie and chocolate kiss.



Halloween Pumpkin Cake by

How cute is this one?  You make two bundt cakes and a cupcake.  Frost them up and boom you have a cake shaped like a pumpkin!

I can see the cake with or without the jack-o-lantern face on the front.  You could put small candies (think M&Ms)

in the very middle of the bundts that will spill out when you cut the cake.  Just imagine the look on your kids faces when candy falls out of your cake.



Spider Pull Apart Cupcakes by

These are perfect for a party!  You scoot all your cupcakes to the center of the tray and frost them like you would the top of a cake.

Just make sure to find a big fake spider that is plastic and doesn’t have fuzz glued to the legs.  Fuzzed cupcakes would be a bit of a turn off.

Black Cat Cake by

Winner.  I am 98% sure this is the cake I am going to be making for our Halloween!

How cute is it?  She shows you how to make the ears, nose and whiskers.



Jack Skeleton Cake

This one I couldn’t find a tutorial for but I know there are fans of Jack out there.  If you use black fondant

for the eyes and piping gel for the mouth I am confident that you can pull this one off on your own.

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