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Terrible Housewife, Awesome Mother, & Introverted Nerd

Gift Guide for Her First Mother’s Day

Gift Guide for Her First Mother’s Day



Ok I am going to be honest. If you are the husband, parent or in any way connected to a woman who is about to celebrate her first Mother’s Day – you need to get serious she has expectations.  She has waited her entire life to be celebrated on Mother’s Day. Do not disappoint her or you will be regretting it forever.  If you are that new Mom feel free to email this my Gift Guide for Her First Mother’s Day to your baby daddy – he is clueless and needs the hint.

Ok there is one key factor you need to keep in mind when picking out your gift for a brand new mom.  It has to be personal because she is going to keep it forever, possibly be buried with it.  It doesn’t have to be a huge diamond necklace (though I don’t know a woman who would turn her nose up at that) but it does have to some how represent that little bundle of joy that is keeping her up at night.




Personalized Picture Frames

These are great gifts.  Try finding one in silver so it will go with most types of décor and they can stick it in any room.  You can have what ever you want engraved on the frame but try something like “My First Mother’s Day”.  You know you are going to take a hundred photos on the day, so let her pick her favorite and have it printed out.




Birth Stone Necklaces

If she loves jewelry think about getting her a birth stone necklace.  There is no engraving required but it is still a very personal gift.  Just look up baby’s birthstone and you are ready to go.  Just a tip – Make sure it is a sturdy pendant/ necklace.  The baby is going to pull on it at some point and you don’t want it to break.  My daughter’s birthstone is Citrine and I love this necklace.  It is simple and unique – and goes with everything.




Stamped Rings

If she isn’t big on necklaces how about a personalized ring?  I love stacking rings you can have them personalized with dates or names.  If they are thin like these you can easily get several on one finger at a time.  If she is planning on having more kids this could make a tradition of giving her a new ring for each baby.




Stamped Key Chains 

A fun way to give a little personalized gift is a keychain.  If you get one like this you can add a charm for each kid in the future easily.  Personally I love to use keychains like this as zipper pulls on my favorite lap top bag.  It keeps them from getting beatup by keys while I still get to see it every day.



Custom Shirt Set

This is going to be the kicker.  A custom shirt set – one for mom and one for baby!  Seriously how cute is this?  A friend of mine had a set like this last year and she bawled.  Went and changed out of the pretty dress she had planned on wearing and put it on both of them.  One tip – if you get this as a gift maybe give it to her a little before Mother’s day so she can plan thier outfits.  Just saying.





I hope this helps you get the perfect gift for Her First Mother’s Day.  I am going to be posting a few more gift guides for Mother’s Day – Gifts for Nerdy Moms, Moms Done Having Kids, and Grandmas Who Rock.






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