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Terrible Housewife, Awesome Mother, & Introverted Nerd

Getting Ready for my Happiness Project in 2018

Getting Ready for my Happiness Project in 2018

Recently I heard Gretchen Rubin being interviewed on a podcast.  She talked about a book she wrote a while back called the Happiness Project.  During the interview she talked about other books she has written and her podcast.  I was intrigued and looked it up.  I love the whole concept.  One day she realized that she could be happier in her life.  She had a pretty great life – good marriage, great kids, nice apartment, and a good job.  But with all of that she thought she could have an overall happier life.  So she spent several months researching the concept of happiness, what makes people happy, and how she could work on becoming happier. Then she worked on her ‘happiness project’ for a year.  Afterwards she wrote the book, and several others. 

Honestly I have been feeling like I could use some help being happier for a while.  I have it pretty good right now – great husband, awesome daughter, we own a home and looking to build a new one in a few years.  But I have little patience, I am often down on myself, and I have little motivation to do things that I know that I need to do.  So I bought her book and I am planning my own Happiness Project next year. 

For her she created a list of Resolutions to use as a guide for the year, and then assigned a topic for each month to work on.  Each month she listed several specific action items that she would work on.  I have my list of resolutions ready to go.  I also have two mottos to use for the year.  I am honestly going to use some of her action items because they are pretty universal.  But there are some that I have under control and I am going to skip over. 

 My Resolutions for Life.

  1.  Figure out who I am and be her without apology.
  2. Do it now – Don’t put things off.
  3. Sleeping is awesome and best done at night.
  4. Manners are awesome and people notice.
  5. Love unreservedly.
  6. Fake it till you make it.
  7. Use what I have before buying more
  8. Modest is hottest.
  9. Exercise is not a dirty word.
  10. Meditate.
  11. Drink the damn water.
  12. I am not my disability
  13. Be silly.
  14. Let it go.  All of it.
  15. It is good to plan – but better to do.

Mottos to live by:

I make my life and it is awesome because I make awesome decisions.

We are not here to suffer, we are here to shine.


If you are interested in trying your own Happiness Project you can get the book and get started at any point.  You don’t have to get started in January!  12 months is 12 months no matter what the months are.  Who knows you may not even need to work for 12 months – you could get it all done in 5.  If your looking for links to get to her try these:


Gretchen Rubin – main website

Twitter Profile

Facebook Page

If you want to create a support type group of others starting a happiness project in your area contact her at grubin@gretchenrubin.com and she will send you a starter kit, or let you know if there is a group already in your area. 


Every month I am going to post on what my plan for the month is and how I did achieving my goals from the previous month.  Fingers crossed!

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