I have a confession to make.  I love good books of all kinds it doesn’t matter – cookbooks, biographies, how to, and fiction (especially romance novels).  A few years ago Hubby bough me a Kindle for Christmas.  I thought that it was just a sweet thing for him to do because he knows how much I love to read.  A few weeks after he gave it to me, I came home with a new haul from Barnes and Noble.  He sighed dramatically and asked why had I bought new books?  Turns out he bought me the Kindle so that I would stop buying paper books.  Apparently there are only so many one person should have in the house at a time.  These days I try to limit buying paper books to cookbooks and pattern books and get everything else on my Kindle.  Sure it’s a compromise, but he has no idea how many books I have on there (last count over a thousand).

If you have been following this blog since the beginning you know that I have done reviews on here for fiction books.  Well I have decided I am going to start writing my own romance novels.  I created a site to track my journey to becoming a self published romance author.  I am also going to be doing my monthly good book roundups and reviews on that site.  Shellyfergusonauthor.com

I am still going to review books here that have to do with creating a content home – cookbooks, organization, décor that kind of thing.

If you are an author and would like me to review your book, please email me your information at abustlinghome@outlook.com 


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