Choose Healthy, Live Happy

Disclosure:  I received a free advance copy of Choose Healthy, Live Happy in exchange for my unbiased review.


Choose Healthy, Live Happy is from a category that I haven’t done before.  It is a self-help book for learning how to recognize factors in your life that could be making you and your family sick.  I have suffered from Fibromyalgia and Hypothyroid issues for almost twenty years.  In that time, I have tried different prescriptions, restricted diets, and dozens of other things trying to find relief from my symptoms.  It is fair to say that I have given up at times on ever getting my health problems under control.

This book is not going to be a magic solution to solving all my problems but it teaches me to identify them.  It gives me the nudge I need to start again in getting my health problems undercontrol.  In it Mrs. Ganong shares the research she has been collecting to fight her own medical problems of Hashimoto’s Thyroid and Lyme Disease.  She is not a health care professional, instead she is a patient who has educated herself and is sharing what she learned with others.

In this book, she outlines the ways different foods can affect your health and what you could replace them with.  She also covers air quality, skin care, and water purity.  After telling you how these areas can be harmful she gives you practical ways to help fix them.  My favorite part is near the end.  She reminds you that you should take small steps to get started, and lists 10 steps you can start with.  One of my favorite quotes is “You have to eat a whale one bite at a time.”  This is true of changing your health too!

My Rating: 4 Stars

I recommend this book for anyone who wants help in turning their health in a better direction.


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