Disclaimer:  I received a digital copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased review.

Are you looking for a cozy mystery to pack on a spring getaway?  Then this is the book for you; it is hilarious and I loved it more than the first!  First the important details.  My book this week is Sweet Taffy and the Marshmallow Murder by Dana Moss.  It is the second full length novel in the ‘Sweet Taffy Cozy Mystery Series’.  It was just released in January 2017.

I enjoyed the first novel.  It introduced us to Taffy, her family drama, and her forced moved to a small town called Abandon.  There were all kinds of misunderstandings and hijinks that kept me turning pages to see what Taffy would get up to next.

This novel is better.  Taffy has mostly settled down into small town life – with the exception of her car.  She has a solid group of friends, and a steady boyfriend any girl would melt for.  The mystery in this one is full of little twists that take time to develop.  You might think you know the who and the why but unless you wear a jaunty cap and call yourself Sherlock I doubt you will guess right before the halfway mark.

My favorite parts you have to watch for are when Taffy imagines how a tabloid would describe her situation.  I don’t want to give any spoilers so this is one from the first book:

    “Crazy woman in skimpy nightie berating hunky outdoorsman for chopping kindling.”

Now you want to go back and read the first one don’t you?  Go for it they are both available on Kindle Unlimited on Amazon (as of 02-20-17).


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