Terrible Housewife, Awesome Mother, & Introverted Nerd

Terrible Housewife, Awesome Mother, & Introverted Nerd

All Things Mom

All Things Mom

I am not going to lie I love being a Mom.  I struggled with infertility for several years before hitting the lottery and getting Mermaid.  For the last four years Hubby and I have been struggling to get pregnant again.  I tried writing an all Mommy blog and it just didn’t work for me.  I don’t subscribe to one particular style of parenting.  I don’t read every parenting book out there.  I just do the best I can and hope I raise a good human.  That being said I am still going to talk about All Things Mom on this site.  If your not a mom just keep scrolling.  Unless your an Aunt who loves to babysit, then you could find some useful stuff!

I am going to write about how to survive a trip with your kids with out loosing your sanity, how to keep them occupied in the summer without duct taping them to a door, how to get them in the kitchen to help prepare meals – that kind of thing.  If your looking for advice on how to be the perfect Tiger mom keep looking.  I am more of a mama bear.  I let her have some adventure while I sit somewhere close snacking, but if you act to interested in my cub or even think about something malicious I will end you – then go back to my snack.

I have another site Traveling Fergusons where I am going to cover all things Travel related for families.  There will be tips and tricks for family trips, couple trips, solo trips, traveling with your in-laws and more.  If you need help planning your next family vacation check it out!


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