Advice for Realistic Homemaking

Advice for Realistic Homemaking

All Things Family

All Things Family

I have one of the craziest family stories out there.  Between my parents and step parents I have 10 siblings.  I had a pretty odd childhood without stability much less traditions.  So when Hubby and I started our little family with Mermaid I was determined to be the best Mom ever.  We would have traditions, we would have a cozy house, and we would eat dinner at the table as a family.

Turns out it doesn’t come naturally.  There is no magic button that is pushed when they give you your baby to take home from the hospital.  We don’t subscribe to one particular style of parenting.  I don’t read every parenting book out there – though I have read at least 20 of them.  That being said I am still going to talk about All Things Family on this site.  If your not a parent just keep scrolling.  Unless your an Aunt who loves to babysit, then you could find some useful stuff!

I am going to write about how to survive a trip with your kids with out loosing your sanity, how to keep them occupied in the summer without duct taping them to a door, how to get them in the kitchen to help prepare meals – that kind of thing.

I have another site Traveling Fergusons where I am going to cover all things Travel related for families.  There will be tips and tricks for family trips, couple trips, solo trips, traveling with your in-laws and more.  If you need help planning your next family vacation check it out!


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