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SEAL Defender

SEAL Defender
by Leslie North

SEAL Defender is the first in a three-book set that is focused on the Brother’s In Arms Company.  As soon as I finish this I am going to start the second one. Bonus – Leslie North has 105 other books already published across 23 other series. 

Both Hubby and I are US Veterans.  He was in the Navy and I was in the Army. So when I find a romance novel that has a veteran in it I tend to like it more than others.  This is one of those times.  Mark (hero) was in the Navy Seals and now has a business teaching survival skills with a few of his squad called Brother’s In Arms. Add in that he is a half Samoan surfer I am pretty much all in. In my head, he looks like the Rock – heck I am sure that is how every woman sees him!

Now set him against Geneva, a reporter who wants to break the story of unusual suicides by Navy Vets.  I love her no nonsense approach to just about everything, and when things get tough she laces up her big girl boots and deals with it.

I love the plot just as much as the characters.  Together they chase down different leads in the suicides and it takes them places that I didn’t predict when I started reading the book. Each of them has a personal stake in finding out why the number of suicides is climbing and put a stop to it, but until they learn to fully trust each other they won’t share those reasons with each other. You won’t have to worry about paying attention though because the action moves at a fast pace both in the investigation and the romance.  There is a snag with the socks but you will melt when they finally get taken off!


My Recommendation:

This is a great military story that will not disappoint.  I can recommend it without any warnings.


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