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The Centaur’s Bride

The Centaur’s Bride

The Centaur’s Bride is the second in the Mates for Monsters series by Tamsin Ley. It is every bit as great as the first. Instead of continuing the story line of the Merman from the first novel she took this book in a completely new direction. It is centered around a centaur shifter and a human finding each other on a ranch in the middle of Montana.  She has created another world full of characters with a developed society and back story that is so easy for the reader to get lost in.

I have to tell you my favorite part of this book is Black.  He is a drool worthy cowboy, a gentle vet, a sexy take charge lover, and he is still emotionally vulnerable.  I love that the hero isn’t an in your face alpha male who demands everything happen his way.  Don’t get me wrong that is great sometimes but I need a guy with more dimensions to really feel for him as a character.  Black has lived his entire life thinking he is not good enough and living on the fringes of the herd of horse shifters because of his centaur form.  That is until Renee shows up and decides he is magnificent. 

My second favorite part of this book is the detailed descriptions of the ranch.  Ms. Ley describes everything so clearly, I have no problem imagining every area in my mind.  I wonder if it is based off one specific ranch?  And if so can I go visit for a week? 

                                      My Rating: 4 Stars

I recommend this book for anyone who loves cowboys or shifter love stories.  You will not be disappointed.


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