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5 Tips for Perfect Fruit Pies

Have you ever tried to make a pie and it didn’t quite end up looking like Grandma’s? Maybe more like an epic Pinterest Fail?  Well never fear with these 5 Tips for Perfect Fruit Pies you will be making fruit pies that could win you a ribbon at any state fair.  Best part they are so easy you will not want to share them with any of the Bake Sale Diva Moms in the PTA.

My Hubby loves pie more than cake.  So much so that I made him a Blueberry Pie for his birthday this year.  My favorite recipe is actually the easy one from Pillsbury, and is the one I am featuring in this article.  If you would like the recipe click here for the link.  You will not find an easier one any where – it only has 6 ingredients in the whole thing!

Now down to business!

Tip 1 – Buy your pie crust.

If you know how to rock a pastry crust like a boss go ahead and make it from scratch.  If not there is no shame in buying the crust and just unrolling it into your beautiful pie plate.





Tip 2 – Use Tapioca to thicken it.

You could go through longer and more complicated recipes that will give you a thick gel like filling that will surround your fruit in happiness.  But why? Honestly you can add 2 tbsp of the quick tapioca to about 5 cups of any frozen fruit that has been thawed and drained and make a great pie filling.  So go ahead and save yourself the drama and runny juice filling and use this handy helper.

It is not going to dissolve when you mix it with the other filling ingredients – don’t freak out.  It will turn out fine.






Tip 3 – Put the pie plate on a foil lined cookie sheet.

If you don’t use any other trick here please use this one!  Any fruit pie will most likely bubble over the edges of the pie plate.  So you want to line a cookie sheet (that has edges all the way around and is bigger than the bottom of your pie plate) with foil.  The cookie sheet will catch the boil over so that it doesn’t create a small inferno on the bottom of your oven, and the foil makes clean up easy.







Tip 4 – Edge the pie crust with foil.

You want to use foil to create a little ring that folds over the top edges of your pie.  It shouldn’t touch the pie (your not sealing it in) but hang over the top.  Why would you make a pie shield? It keeps the edges of the pie from burning or becoming so dry you need to dip them in milk to be able to chew them.  Opinions vary on how to use pie shields.  Personally I put them on the pie before I bake it and then pull them off when the pie has 10 minutes left to bake.  I do it this way for two reasons.  1. It is ALOT easier to put a ring of foil around a room temperature pie than one that has been sitting in a 400 degree oven.  2. I like to pull it off near the end of the baking time to make sure the edges get some crunch to them.

If you become a pie baking pro there are pie shields that you can purchase to put on your pie and skip the foil step.  The down side is they don’t fit all pie plates.  My pie plate is from a pottery studio and the premade covers don’t fit over it.




Tip 5 – Cool on a wire rack.

When you pull your pie out of the oven, put it on a metal wire rack to cool.  This lets air move all the way around the plate and helps to cool the pie evenly.  Why is this important? It helps to avoid pie sweat.  No one wants that. On the plus side you get to eat it quicker.









If you want to try some of my favorite recipes check out my Great Recipes Page.


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