Advice for Realistic Homemaking

Advice for Realistic Homemaking

20 Easter Basket Ideas For Kids – No Sugar Added

20 Easter Basket Ideas For Kids – No Sugar Added



When I was growing up we never got those big commercial Easter Baskets.  I don’t know if it is because my Mother didn’t want t deal with 5 kids hopped up on sugar or if she didn’t want all the little throw away toys they pack into the cheap baskets that were as big as we were.  Personally I don’t like to buy them for Mermaid for those exact reasons.  For her first few Easters I made her a little basket with stickers, spring socks, and a stuffed animal – she loved it!  Now that she is a preschooler I am upping my game.  I am going to make her a spring themed basket.  I am sure a chocolate bunny is going to hop it’s way in there but for the most part I want it to be full of things she will actually use and play with.  If you want to make your kids Easter special look through my 20 Easter Basket Ideas For Kids to find something your little ones will love.




Mermaid loves to read – the kid falls asleep every night with a book in her hands.  We have started a tradition where I take her to the bookstore and let her pick out a book for each holiday to add to her collection.  If your looking for some cute spring/ Easter themed books these are the one’s she is getting.  She picked out the first one last weekend, and the other two will be a surprise in her basket.

Happy Easter, Mouse!

Happy Easter, Little Critter

A Backyard Flower Garden For Kids




Rain Gear

Any thing that lets them play in the rain is always going to be a big hit.  You know every kid loves to play in the rain and splash in puddles.  Save yourself the hassle of cleaning up with a good set of rain gear.

Rain Boot

Rain Coat





Mermaid is obsessed with puzzles just like her Daddy.  She can do the 25 piece puzzles in less than a minute, and has been speeding through the 60 piece puzzles on the Ipad.  So I found some spring puzzles for them to do together.  Hopefully it will take longer than 10 minutes.  If not they can just do it over and over again.

A Touch of Spring (100 pcs)

Ice Cream Cart (100 pc)

Magnetic Tiles Building Set





Garden Projects

The best part of Spring is getting out of the house for a couple of hours every day.  Give your little ones a reason to do that.  If you live in a climate where it is still to cold to go out and play you can always make a project together and then hang it outside where they can see it.

Wooden Birdhouse Kits for Children

Fairy Garden Kit

Kids Garden Tools Set



Yard Toys

Mermaid loves to play in the yard.  The only down side to yard toys is you have to replace them every year.  These are a few kid favorites you could stick in an Easter basket – bonus points because the kids can play by themselves while you sit on a chair with a glass of ice tea.

Frisbee Golf Disc Set

Horseshoe Set

Sidewalk Chalk

Bubble Machines


Kitchen Novelties

I love piddling around in the kitchen with Mermaid.  She loves to help me prep meals, make snacks and even clean it.  I am always on the look out for little things for her to use in the kitchen,  these are super cute and won’t take up much room int he cupboards.

MasterChef Junior Cooking Set

Easter Cookie Cutter Set


Kitchen Knife Set (won’t cut skin)








Steiff Collectible Teddy Bears






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